Spydergrip Brand Ambassador Program


So...you want to know more about what it takes to be a Spydergrip Brand Ambassador?

This is great news and we appreciate the fact that you believe in our product as much as we do. We have worked very hard to create something that people love and adore, however we have just begun! With that said, we would absolutely love for you to join our large growing team of Brand Ambassadors...not only that, but we are a company that believes in innovation and creativity to inspire others to go after what they want in life. So how do we do this? We help others. Period. So this is what the President of Spydergrip has in mind.

1. What does a Brand Ambassador for Spydergrip do?

What you will do while being a member of the Inspyer Team

It's simple...receive free product and share your journey with us and others. In a nutshell, that is really all we ask. So here are the bottom line details of what Spydergrip expects from its Inspyer Team Members:

- You will take 2 photos a week: (or 8 a month) of you using the product (for 6 months) and of course if you are a real go-getter and want to take more, then by all means we would love that! Be creative too! This is your time to go out and enjoy life with your Spydergrip, so the cooler places or activities that you are using your Spydergrip the better! We will be featuring all of your photos in the our marketing so make sure you try to make it the best you can! You can use your phone camera, professional camera's etc!

- Upload photos you take and send to us!: Once you are approved to be a Brand Ambassador or (Inspyer Team Member) then we will provide you with a link where you can upload your cool photos! (The link can be accessed by mobile or PC for your convenience)

- Hashtag (only 1 of your photos) on Instagram: Then make sure to throw in the tags “#Official_Spydergrip” and “#GoInspyer”. Facebook and Pinterest are encouraged as well! We say only one per social media platform a week because we would rather keep it natural and not blow up your followers.

- Leave a Review of Spydergrip:

We would like you to leave a review of our product! We can accept reviews on Amazon, our Website or other approved mediums. - Be a positive influence for the brand and in people's minds: Remember, in a way you are representing our company so it is important to remember that inspiring and enjoying the journey of life is what we stand for. If you can capture these life's moments with your product then that is all we can hope for.

2. What does Spydergrip do for its Brand Ambassadors?

We want to help others. That's what we are all about. With that said, we are offering the following to our Brand Ambassadors:

- Free product. Enjoy free Spydergrip(s) from the company in return for taking some photos doing what you love and spreading the word for us.

- Get an Inspyer Team Member sales page. If you spread the word about our company then you deserve something in return for those referrals. That is why Spydergrip is rolling out a brand new commission kickback plan for all of its Inspyer Team members. We will craft your unique Sales page for you with all of your own tracking ID’s set up so that the only thing you will need to do is share a link...once people purchase you get a percentage of every sale. Everything will be tracked and it will be the easiest way you have ever made money!

3. I want to join the Inspyer Team! How do I get started?

We love the enthusiasm! We are just as excited to bring you on board. So below is a run down of the incredibly simple process we have created to obtain the information we need to approve you and equip you with the resources you need to go out there and inspire.

1. Fill out the “Spydergrip Ambassador Application below. We made it quick and easy to apply. In order to send you product and set up your own Spydergrip sales page so you can get paid out on commissions for sales generated from your page then we will need a little information to set everything up!

2. Get an Inspyer Team Sales page. If you believe in our product and love it, then it’s pretty darn easy to share it with your friends, family and social networks. If you are doing this...then you might as well get paid out on every sale that comes from you. So as an Inspyer Team member you will be able to make some money on your Spydergrip referrals..and all you will need to do is share your URL with the world. We will take care of the rest.

The Spydergrip Story

Spydergrip was started in 2013 by a Marine Corps Veteran who found that in order to grow, attain goals and achieve success in life was a feat that required optimism and inspiration. The founder of Spydergrip discovered his passion for inspiring others through building great products that would serve as the beacon of inspiration and help people improve focus while enjoying life’s experiences.

I realized that when I would work on my business ideas or when I would train, I always needed to be listening to music. Music just spoke to my soul, it spoke to my thirst for passion and it inspired me never to give up on myself. Music was there for me when my mother battled and later passed from breast cancer. Music was there for me when I had started other companies that had failed but kept my spirit and my mind optimistic. So when I would train with other Marines, I didn’t excel as a Marine because I possessed lack of self belief, I did it because I believed in myself whole-heartedly. I credit art and music for this. I put a great deal of value on expressionism and individualism of a human being. I truly believe everyone is unique and has something of immense value to bring to this world and I feel that music helps to unlock this intrinsic gift. So when I would train or explore, I wanted to continue working on myself and improve myself, while listening to music with no interruptions or annoyances. That’s when I felt deep down inside that I needed to create the Spydergrip.

Ryan Arriaga
Founder and President
We have had amazing support for the Spydergrip Fit Pack and our 5-Star Reviews with only 2 returns in thousands sold in less than 6 months of our inception. This really speaks to the quality and demand for our product. We are continuing to expand and have grand plans to expand the product line to accommodate more accessories and products, in addition to large support for charities and foundations. As we continue to grow and build, so will our efforts of inspiring others to never give up on their own goals, dreams and purpose for life. You can join us and be apart of that goal.


The Spydegrip Brand Ambassador Application Process

Alright enough! Let’s get to it! Follow these 2 simple steps to start the process of becoming an Inspyer Team Member for Spydergrip:


Step 1. Fill out the form below

  • Submit your information so we can review your file before proceeding with acceptance.
  • Please be accurate in the input of your information
  • Ensure that you read our privacy policy before entering any information


Step 2. If accepted, we will email you a few necessary completion steps

  • By accepting you will prompted to download our Onboarding packet and read through all the perks of being an Inspyer Team Member and what is expected
  • This email will also provide a link where you can upload a profile photo of you for your sales page
  • After the above is completed, we will take a deposit of $19.99 + Shipping to send you your free Spydergrip
  • Don't worry, this deposit will be refunded after your first 3 months of following the program or after your first sale, whichever is quicker. We ran a test pilot and many get their first sale after their very first post, so don't worry, we are confident when you start making sales it will be so easy that you won't want to stop, I mean who could turn down making money while you sleep?
  • Get paid $5 for every Spydergrip sold through your sales page. It's really that easy, no joke...that easy!
  • Just follow the program we have created and you won't fail, it just takes a little having fun with our product!

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