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The Spydergrip is a lightweight, washable, military grade, stretch, Universal-fit pack that comfortably fits on your back to hold your music or mobile device with an additional inner pocket to also carry your keys, change, ID cards, and other belongings while training and/or working out.



Spydergrip is a patent pending reflective, lightweight, military-grade neoprene pack that holds your phone, cards, keys, change and any other smaller accessories while you hike, run, play, work or workout. The sleek design allows for the straps to be adjusted for a universal fit to any body type. The lightweight material allows for the Spydergrip to grip to your body and keep your belongings close without compromising your range of motion. The straps are engineered to comfortably grip under your arms and are made with a chafe-resistant proprietary material so the pack does not annoy or irritate.

In addition to a quality made pack, the Spydergrip also allows your phone or MP3 Player’s earphones to run up behind your neck out of the way of your range of motion. Unlike traditional solutions in the marketplace today, the Spydergrip eliminates the possibility of snagged earbuds while working out and protects your phone from rain, sweat and damage at the same time. So workout and keep your belongings safe or listen to your music worry-free with a Spydergrip anytime, anywhere!


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Features and Specs


  • Spydergrip is made from a lightweight neoprene material
  • The pack backing is breathable and sweat resistant
  • Machine Washable (Let air dry)
  • Straps are adjustable fit, so it can fit ages 8+
  • Straps do not chafe, made from an anti chafe material
  • Inner pocket of Spydergrip has a velcro fastener to close the inner pocket


  1. Width of the largest pocket: 4 1/3 inches
  2. Height of largest pocket: 6 1/3 inches
  3. Width of inner pocket: 3 inches
  4. Height of inner pocket: 4 inches
  5. Straps are made from an imported proprietary Japanese Velcro
  6. Straps are made from an anti-chafe material

1 customer reviews

  1. Put's the FUN in Fundamental!

    By @FatGuyGoesRunning December 30, 2016

    I was introduced to the Spydergrip by way of Social Media, and without even seeing it in person I was in love: The concept was perfect to replace all methods of carrying my phone, keys, ID and money across multiple sports and events.

    Well-made, durable, comfortable to wear and low-profile in nature, the Spydergrip 2.0 is easily worn in virtually any application - to participate in sports, keep your hands free or merely to secure your belongings in a covert fashion. The applications are endless.

    Whether I am on the go logging miles on two feet, riding my bike, playing in a team sport, securing my car keys under my (scuba) dry suit, or just wanting to secure my ID and money while traveling, the Spydergrip is quintessentially the most fundamental piece of equipment I will own... while having fun!

    Highly recommended. Well made, well priced and well worth the investment.

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